My To Do List



Well this is just for myself, pretty much. But if you have any ideas, you are so very welcome to post them!

But gosh, do I need a place to put all the things I am trying to focus on…Because I fail. At the focus. Yep, not good at it.

Gotta narrow it down too with my limited time to play – besides all my exploration and swimming and all that.




Work in progress here 🙂


  • Angler reputation to get raft
  • Train Guardian and learn tanking
  • Get Nethaera’s Light pet
  • Get Darkmoon Zeppelin pet
  • Get more pets that I can´t recall right now…
  • Explore the rest of Icecrown Citadel in small details
  • Explore more places in depth.
  • Pet Battles in general, everywhere. Must narrow down…
  • Collect transmog sets from…Better to name where not to get them from!
  • Try out the Pet Battle Dungeon sometime
  • Honor level – I just want that skin of Night´s Vigiliance so bad…(10 rated BG victories)
  • Suramar quest chain (I know…)
  • That hideous fishing artifact thing
  • Expand my Battle Pet collection
  • In fact, expand every collection there is…
  • Prestige Levels. Seriously, I’m just level 1 still…
  • Do Mist of Pandaria quest lines (Jade Forest-check!)
  • What is Fathom Dweller? Find that out.
  • Do Draenor quest lines
  • Get more Toys
  • Do that Farm thing in MoP
  • Get that Pet/Mount from the World Quests
  • Look into the whole snowfeather…Pet…thing…(Working on that!)
  • Work on reputation with almost every faction there is…(Damn you rerolling for each expansion to get in touch with the class overhaul)
  • Do Z and Cinders Blog Challenges
  • Get the Pet Toy Mirror for 1000 Pet Charms
  • Get that lovely Gryphon from MoP Shieldwall thing rep grind
  • More, more, more…



Blog related

  • A post with death shots
  • Ocean adventures to…Well, everywhere.
  • Exploring Hyjal
  • Exploring any Night Elven place…
  • Do a piece on caves
  • Do a piece on inbetween zone places
  • Post on first Dungeon experience
  • More swimming adventures
  • Even more, more, more…
  • Maintain my To Do List… 😛


New goals added for 2018



  1. Maintain my To Do List (See what I did there…)
  2. Get a sense of being “done” with Legion. This means…
  3. Finish quests lines in all the zones in Legion..
  4. Obtain the Mounts and Pets
  5. Do some serious work on Prestige Levels.
  6. Fish a little with those buddies around the Broken Isles.
  7. Look into Family Fighter
  8. Get better at ignoring the weekly and daily activities WoW has to “offer”
  9. Get the last Druid Tier set the game will ever see!
  10. Do some Archaeology. I always wanted to.
  11. But in order to help me remember to also just have fun and do whatever I feel like doing, I want to include: Do at least one Ocean adventure every month!
  12. Begin to collect pets across all of the World(s)
  13. Immerse myself more often – do less minimizing when gaming (as in minimizing to check Wowhead, Windows.( Focus on one thing at the time!
  14. Play catch up in Mop and Draenor!
  15. Log in sometimes and do something I normally never do
  16. Get better at organizing get togethers with friends in game




Legion To Do List before Battle For Azeroth




Hippogryph from the Legion Dungeon Achievement

–          Halls of Valor, The Archway, Maw of Souls, Court of Stars, Vault of the Wardens, Black Rook Hold, Karazhan, Cathedral of the Eternal Night, Seat of the Triumvirate

Ratstallion (Farming kills in the sewers, I think?)

Prestigeous War Steed from Prestige levels

Brinedeep Bottom Feeder from being Honored with Conjurer Margoss

Arcadian War Turtle, Curious Coins

Ivory Hawkstrider – Talons Vengeance – Exalted

Predatory Bloodgazer, Snowfeather Hunter, Brilliant Direbeak, Viridian Sharptalon (pet quests from that adopted bird)

Fox mount from Withered Training

Loot something rare and sell it for lots of gold and buy Lightforged Warframe

Drop from Kosumoth the Hungering – Fathom Dweller

Hippogryph from Azsuna, that thing with the hidden thing crystal things…

Drop from Wrangler Kravos –Maddened Chaosrunner

Drop from Venomtail Skyfin – Lambent Mana Ray

Drop from Fel-Spotted Egg – Scintillating Mana Ray

Drop from Skreeg the Devourer – Acid Belcher

Drop from Houndmaster Kerrax – Vile Fiend

Drop from Attument the Huntsman – Karazhan

Smoldering Ember Wyrm – Karazhan

Mount from Highmountain Paragon

Mount from Nightfallen Paragon

Army of the Light Paragon – Avenging Felcrusher and Blessed Felcrusher


Battle Pets obtained from drops and battle


From all over Legion…Capturable, not gonna list them all, hah 😀


Khadgar in a bubble though – Kirin Tor Dailies?

Cross Gazer – Bought with those…thingy Demon Eyes from Argus. Maybe a nice farming time, when we want to chill

Sun Darter Hatchling – puzzle thing

Bronze Proto Whelp – Chromie thing

Sting Ray Pup – Conjurer Margoss  – Good Friend rep

Leftovers – Cooking – I don’t know!

Ghost Shark – Illysia of the Waters – Good Friend rep (I think)

Various pets from the Pet Challenge Dungeons

Rebellious Imp – Drop from Mother Rosula

Nightmare Whelpling – Dropped from Ysondre

Thaumaturgical Piglet – Drop from Growling Sac (Alchemy..What? I can make that… I’ll look into it lol)

Get rich and buy Celestial Calf because it has a super cute ability

Trashy – Bought from Conjurer Margoss – Best Friend rep

Orphaned Felbat – Paragon



Random stuff


Reach Prestige Levels



Complete Court of Stars with a Keystone

(Do a level 10 and 15 Mythic Dungeon – maybe the easiest right before BfA?)


Complete The Darkbrul Arena 20 times


First Aid: Complete “Is there a Medic in the Zone” (drop from random mobs, I think)


Become Best Friends with all the Fishing Masters of the Broken Isles


Fish up all the coins from the Dalaran Fountain


Fight A LOT of various trainers across Broken Isles (“Family Fighter”)


Collect my Druid set from Antorus


Collect my PvP set (from World Quests, me thinks. – PvP season 23-24 or 25)


Complete the quest line Balance of Power (I think I was at Nighthold step. Maybe postpone this to BfA)


Complete the This Side Up, achievement (Archaeology)


Complete Fighting With Style Achievement (unlocking colour variations)



Any suggestions are more than welcome 🙂


3 thoughts on “My To Do List

  1. Gosh, go me!
    And thank you Wrathofkublakhan for liking this, since it dusted off the list a bit, and made me realize, there are actually several things I have managed now – My first “check-I have done it” -move.

    That feels sooo good!


  2. There are many to-do’s there that I also want! Pet battles are pretty interesting, but I’m also (maybe in a couple of years I’ll be able to finish it xD) trying to collect them all. I also did all of Pandaria… ALL OF IT! I think it’s the best expansion. The stories are wonderful. Do it! You won’t regret it! Have you done the achievement in the Jade Forest in the exact location of the cinematic? I cried when I accidentally did it 😀 Restore Balance, I believe it’s called.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh, this list. Dust off! There are so many things I want to work towards. Like…Maintaining my To Do List too :p

      I hear you; Pet Battles, wow. Those will take me years too! Right now Im just slowly levelling a pet one at the time, in Shadowmoon Valley Draenor.

      I am not quite there yet, but working towards MoP and it is growing on me – Thank you for the recommendation:)


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