My To Do List



Well this is just for myself, pretty much. But if you have any ideas, you are so very welcome to post them!

But gosh, do I need a place to put all the things I am trying to focus on…Because I fail. At the focus. Yep, not good at it.

Gotta narrow it down too with my limited time to play – besides all my exploration and swimming and all that.




Work in progress here 🙂


  • Angler reputation to get raft
  • Train Guardian and learn tanking
  • Get Nethaera’s Light pet
  • Get Darkmoon Zeppelin pet
  • Get more pets that I can´t recall right now…
  • Explore the rest of Icecrown Citadel in small details
  • Explore more places in depth.
  • Pet Battles in general, everywhere. Must narrow down…
  • Collect transmog sets from…Better to name where not to get them from!
  • Try out the Pet Battle Dungeon sometime
  • Honor level – I just want that skin of Night´s Vigiliance so bad…(10 rated BG victories)
  • Suramar quest chain (I know…)
  • That hideous fishing artifact thing
  • Expand my Battle Pet collection
  • In fact, expand every collection there is…
  • Do Mist of Pandaria quest lines (Jade Forest-check!)
  • Do Draenor quest lines
  • Get more Toys
  • Look into the whole snowfeather…Pet…thing…
  • Work on reputation with almost every faction there is…(Damn you rerolling for each expansion to get in touch with the class overhaul)
  • Do Z and Cinders Blog Challenges
  • Get the Pet Toy Mirror for 1000 Pet Charms
  • More, more, more…



Blog related

  • A post with death shots
  • Ocean adventures to…Well, everywhere.
  • Exploring Hyjal
  • Exploring any Night Elven place…
  • Do a piece on caves
  • Do a piece on inbetween zone places
  • Post on first Dungeon experience
  • Even more, more, more…



Any suggestions are more than welcome 🙂

One thought on “My To Do List

  1. Gosh, go me!
    And thank you Wrathofkublakhan for liking this, since it dusted off the list a bit, and made me realize, there are actually several things I have managed now – My first “check-I have done it” -move.

    That feels sooo good!


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